At the request of the Minister of Justice, the Attorney General asked the National Detectives to investigate the serious allegations levelled against officers of the Police Force of Sint Maarten KPSM regarding the alleged use of stolen cars.

The primary findings of that investigation showed that these allegations lacked a factual basis. However, as the Office of the Attorney General and the Prosecutor’s Office OM SXM agree with the Minister of Justice that there shouldn’t be a shadow of doubt about the integrity of KPSM and its officers, these allegations have been further investigated.

The further investigation, executed in 2020, has resulted in the conclusion that no criminal offenses have been committed by KPSM officers regarding the alleged misuse of stolen cars.

It was further determined that the allegations which were made and publicized are the result of misinterpretation or misjudgment of information.

OM SXM makes it abundantly clear that this morning’s arrest of a member of KPSM is in no way connected with stolen vehicles and the use thereof. The investigation into the case involving the officer is ongoing.