2 09, 2019

How can the Public Prosecutor’s Office assist?


When visiting the Public Prosecutor’s Office assistance can always be expected, however it is important to note that the Public Prosecution Service only brings Criminal Cases to trial. Criminal Cases involve an action that is considered to be harmful to society as a whole, hence these are considered offenses against the “state”. Examples of these sort [...]

How can the Public Prosecutor’s Office assist?2019-09-03T12:25:55-04:00
1 09, 2019

Bringing a case to trial


When a criminal offence is brought to the attention of the Sint Maarten Police Corps a case file is created and an investigation is conducted into the matter. The investigation often includes hearing the suspect(s) and witnesses to the crime. At the end of the investigation the Public Prosecutor’s Office receives a final report (process-verbal). There [...]

Bringing a case to trial2019-09-03T12:26:48-04:00
30 08, 2019



When a case has been scheduled for hearing a summons is drafted and signed by the Public Prosecutor. Summons are generally issued in person by the bailiff or a police officer, and can be to a suspect and witnesses in a case. The name and address of the person requested to appear before the court is [...]

28 08, 2019

JASAP: Justice As Soon As Possible


Common crimes such as shoplifting, vandalism, minor violence or embezzlement can cause a great deal of unrest and requires decisive and well-considered action. The method Justice As Soon As Possible (JASAP) was launched in August 2019. The approach calls for the Public Prosecution Service (OM), Police and Probation Officers to work together to speed up the [...]

JASAP: Justice As Soon As Possible2019-09-03T12:28:52-04:00
27 08, 2019

Directive on the Criminal Procedure: Illegal Firearm/Ammunition Possession   


In accordance with the current policy of the Public Prosecution Service, anyone found in possession of a firearm for which no authorization has been granted must be arrested. First Offender Recidivism for violent crimes Possession at home (“in the drawer”) 12-15 months imprisonment 3 months  conditional 3 years’ probation 12-15months imprisonment unconditional Possession at home (in [...]

Directive on the Criminal Procedure: Illegal Firearm/Ammunition Possession   2019-09-03T12:28:28-04:00
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