Common crimes such as shoplifting, vandalism, minor violence or embezzlement can cause a great deal of unrest and requires decisive and well-considered action.

The method Justice As Soon As Possible (JASAP) was launched in August 2019. The approach calls for the Public Prosecution Service (OM), Police and Probation Officers to work together to speed up the process of common criminal cases. The aim of the procedure is to;

  • preliminary screening so that the right cases are picked up
  • to steer the investigation
  • complete the investigation with a settlement within the detention period (within 6 hours)
  • Reduce high percentage of dismissals
  • improving the quality of investigations
  • Reduce processing time
  • make the process easier for victims and suspects to understand the chosen resolve

This new cooperation with the police station makes it possible to make optimal use of the scarce police capacity and to handle simple crimes out of court in a timely manner. The Public Prosecution Service and the police will immediately consult with the staff of the Prosecution Service in order to make a decision as soon as possible about the punishment a suspect will receive.

In this way, more cases have a shorter turnaround time and allows for more meaningful interventions in common crimes. This new method of working also makes it possible to determine that if there is a victim, the accused must automatically give a compensation for the damage incurred. This allows the victim to see fast results and gives the suspect clarity.